Concrete Polishing

Providing Idaho with outstanding Concrete Polishing and Concrete Staining to homes as well as businesses including restaurant retail stores, garages, and industrial spaces. Concrete Polishing is Eco-friendly with no strippers or chemicals to clean. Our Xtreme Shield is also green and helps to keep your floors radiate.

polished concrete
epoxy garage floor

Epoxy Floors

The chemical bond between the elements that comprise an epoxy coating is so strong, an epoxy-coated floor is one of the most durable choices for a floor covering. Another attractive feature of epoxy coatings is that there are many options to choose from so that you get the perfect suite of features for your floor.

Concrete Staining

This process creates a new rich look to old dull concrete. Staining your concrete will create clarity and depth in your floor. Every concrete floor has a unique and one-of-a-kind look. Different styles of application can change the look and feel of your finished product. 

stained concrete

Glue & Epoxy removal

United Concrete Polishing has the most up-to-date machinery and air quality management on the market making glue and epoxy removal an effortless breeze. Not only do our machines remove your glue or epoxy but they can also quickly smooth your surface creating a better bond for the flooring you will be laying over it.

Floor Preparation

United Concrete Polishing can bring a damaged concrete floor back to a workable state by grinding unleveled concrete, repairing cold joints and blending transitional concrete slabs.

stained concrete
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